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Hello, I just joined this community, and I had a question.....I have a 30 gig iPod photo and a desktop computer with all of my music and photos on it, and I just bought a laptop for college and I need to transfer my iTunes library to my laptop....whats the best way to do it?

Also, does anyone know if you can put movie files on an iPod photo, and how?

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haha, i just bought a new laptop for school last week and was pondering the same thing.

what you do, is in iTunes, make sure you "enable disc use" in the iPod preferences menu. then you can drag and drop any sort of file into the iPod (if you're using windows, go to my computer) just as if it were an external harddrive. make sure you have enough room to transfer the files you need first.

then hook it up to the lappy and import the files from your iPod to the new iTunes library.


August 24 2005, 06:26:33 UTC 11 years ago

hmm, I'm still a little bit confused, I enabled disk use, but does that mean i can now just plug my ipod into my laptop and all the music that i already have on it will upload to it once i import, or do i have to drag all the files over to the ipod again?
sorry that was me, i forgot to log in lol
you'll have to drag all the files over to the iPod, then once you have the files transferred, transfer them to the other computer via drag/drop.

hope that clears things up.
ps: found this link that should help out whether you're switching to mac or not.

click here
Don't think movie files can be played on it, no.... give it a year or so though I bet there'll be an iMovie.
You can transfer movie files using diskmode, but you can't play them on the 'Pod, no.

Wellllllll.. You kinda sorta can, but there won't be any sound during the movie, and you'll have to reeencode the movie files anyways, and bleh, it's definitely not worth it unless you have a lot of geek friends who would be impressed with an iPod running linux.

Now, everyone thinks an iPod with movie playback will be coming out soon, especially since iTunes just added video playback, but I'm skeptical. For a couple of reasons.

First, the best selling iPods have always, always been the lower end one. When the 4gb mini came out, I couldn't understand who wouldn't pay the extra $100 for so much more storage instead, but it has been a huge seller. When the Shuffle came out, I couldn't believe anyone wouldn't pay the extra $100 and buy a mini, but, it's a big seller. A video iPod, on the other hand, would definitely cost quite a bit of money, at least $500 when it first hits shelves.

Secondly, the iPod photo's A/V out line was pretty tricky for Apple to manage. Add to that they haven't yet to start to use a chipset that can actually truly handle video files.

Thirdly, it kinda sorta goes against the Jobs vision at the moment. Steve has said something along the lines of "a small headphones amplifier and some connected earbuds can replicate for the user a near concert quality experience, but a two inch lcd screen is no where near a movie theater experience." So, not only will Apple need a new chipset, they'll also have to fit at least a 3.5 inch screen, probably a 4 inch one, for them to even consider it possibly worth trying, and for the user, watching.

Fear not, though. There's something pretty brilliant on the horizon.


It by passes the iPod's rendering and encoding chipsets all together, and instead just treats it as a harddrive. The MoviePlayer does all the real work.
could you explain to me how to transfer movie files using disk mode, please ? im going home for a few weeks, but i want to bring a couple of movies files with me to play on their home computer.