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If this isnt allowed, delete this.

i'm in some serious need of some money for a trip after this week!

im still trying to sell this iPod Photo (30 GB, M9829LL/A) -_- it doesnt come
with headphones or anything; my sister's ipod broke, she had the headphones and everything,
she used her warrenty from bestbuy and was able to get another ipod to replace the broken one.
she never used this ipod ever since it was given to her! X_X i have an ipod myself, so i dont
want it.

so yeah, basically, im just trying to get rid of this. this ipod
has no hand prints, no nothing! the paper in the back
was just some paper from bestbuy that they stuck in there
that contains a serial number for the ipod, etc.

160$ SHIPPED!!!

i have feed back here:

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if i had 160 ...